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Armenia recently celebrated its 30th independence day in Yerevan by illuminating the sky using aerial drones instead of regular firework show. The drone show was spectacular and showcased the history of Armenia. The show was for a total of 10 minutes costing over USD 100000 that delighted citizens while telling stories of her glorious past. 

What Is A Drone Show?

Drone light show is created by using multiple LED fitted drones that fly in formation using advanced software and avionic controls. They create flocking, swarming or other entailing formations to delight viewers, usually in open spaced at night time.

History Of Aerial Drone Show

Ars Electronica Futurelab introduced the first drone show in Linz, Austria in the year 2012.  The popularity increased gradually after Intel produced shooting star drones which was used in US 4th of July celebration of 2018 and subsequently in 2018 winter olympics. Gradually, major event organizers  are using drones to replace traditional fireworks.

Aerial Drone Show In Yerevan, Armenia

The world is moving from traditional fireworks to safer, cleaner alternatives. It is not surprise, that Armenia chose to use drone to replace fireworks.  The cutting edge technology used by drone software allows intricate patterns that is not possible by traditional fireworks

Armenia told story of its ancient past using cutting edge drone technology. The drones illuminated republic square of Yerevan where people gathered to celebrate 30th anniversary of independence of Armenia.  The show lasted for 10 minutes but left imprints in the minds of viewers for a very long time.

Instead of fireworks, drones told stories from history of Armenia. The show started with a soaring eagle flying to biblical mount Ararat.   Then Hayk Nahapet (Հայկ Նահապետ) the legendary patriarch and founder of the Armenia shot arrows from the bow mesmerising his kinsmen. David Sasunsky, riding legendary horse Kurkik Jalali came in the view.

Armenian identity is never complete without reference to creator of Armenian language, Mesrop Mashtots. The drones showed the creator of the Armenian alphabet with his student Koryun depicting uniqueness of its linguistic heritage. The gathered patriots were delighted when Armenian tricolour dominated the dark sky. This was quickly replaced by national emblem. The climax was achieved by illuminating starry sky with the inscription “Armenia”

People rejoiced and congratulated each other on this eventful day. We shot this video from an unobtrusive spot located near Marriott hotel.

Tips For Attending Future Events in Republic Square, Yerevan

  • Arrive early to get preferred spot.  The event has significant security/police presence to ensure safety of people. They allowed people in batch of 20 or so inside the square.
  • If you prefer to sit and enjoy, book space in cafe located in the ground level of Marriott hotel.
  • Do not come before sunset as celebration starts only after evening when sky is dark. 
  • There are plenty of temporary toilets and public seating facilities. As precaution to prevent Covid-19, ample of social distancing was provided. Organisers advised people to use mask this year.
  • Weather is mild so light cotton clothings is appropriate.

f you want to see the complete show, please follow this link.

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