Mother of Georgia

Mother of Georgia or Kartlis Deda is an imposing, hard to miss statute that looms over old Tbilisi city like a guardian angel.  She carries a sword in one hand for enemies and a glass of wine for friends.  This 20 meter tall statue in many ways is a metaphor of Georgian way of life.  

The statue looks beautiful from a distance although one can hike up close to the statue.  Once near, you will realize that there is no viewing platform.  It is impossible to take a good selfie while staying closer to the statue.

How To Reach Kartlis Deda

The easy way is to take a cable ride from Bridge of Peace to Narikala fortress, after disembarking at the top of the station one can walk right towards  the statute of Mother of Georgia.  The road leading to this iconic statue is beautiful and offers stunning view of the Tbilisi.

Cable car station near Rike park
Cable Car Station
Cable car to Kartlis Deda
Cable car is easy way to reach to Kartlis Deda

The other way is walk from the base of the old town through inclined road and a series of steps leading to the statue of Mother of Georgia.  There are more than one way to reach the top and we found our by asking local shops.  The total hike takes 30 minutes to reach to the top.  If you are visiting it in summer months, start early, probably at 7 am to avoid the heat.

Tbilisi city

On way you can get good view of the city.  There are few shops selling juice, water and souvenirs and the place is not crowded at any given time.

Mother of Georgia – History

The statute is a relic of soviet era.  It is at that time, many imposing statues were built in several cities, all tall and commanding.  This statue was made in aluminum by famous Georgian sculptor Elguja Amashukeli in 1958 as a figure of woman in national dress so symbolize nurturing character  of a mother.  Incidentally, this year coincides with 1500th anniversary of the Tbilisi.

Tourist Attractions Near To Mother Georgia

Following tourist attractions are within walking distance.

Narikala Fortress

Botanical Gardens

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