There are several way to travel from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport or low cost Don Mueang airport to Pattaya. As per general norms, the cheapest way would take more time and involve transfer of carriage while expensive way would be direct, less time consuming and with less stress.

While a family of four or group of friends will taxi as more convenient or even comparatively cheaper, a solo backpacker may opt for shared mode of public transport solely with aim of saving cost of airport transfer. The distance between Bangkok airport to Pattaya is approximately 120 km (60 miles) and it takes between 2 to 4 hours for transfer depending upon mode of transfer, traffic conditions and time of the day.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport To Pattaya By Taxi

Taxi is simplest way to go from any Bangkok airport to Pattaya. There are several online sites that can offer pre-booked taxi or one can use app based service like Grab which also offers 7 seater cab for extra luggage or larger group travelling together.

The official rate for metered taxi is about Bhat 1050 + tolls.  Taxi drivers would some time try to get you to agree to fixed rate.  In this case, it is better to clarify beforehand how will be paying toll charges.  It is also cheaper to take taxi from departure level because driver can avoid That 50 airport fee. Please do not pay driver until you reach your final destination. In Bangkok, meter taxi rate is calculated as follows:

  • Flag down: Bhat 35
  • next 10 km @ 5.5 per km
  • next 10 km @ 6.5 per km
  • next 20 km @ 7.5 per km
  • next 20 km @ 8.0 per km
  • next 20 km @ 9.0 per km
  • thereafter @ 10.5 per km until destination.

If you are reaching Bangkok airport after midnight, taxi is the only option.

Private Bus From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

If you are a solo traveller who does not want to spend a lot yet expects a comfortable transfer then it will be wise to explore transfer service between Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Pattaya by private companies. There are two companies which offer such service from airport and both offer similar services:

  • Bell Travel Services – buy online (hotel transfer is offered) The first bus leaves at 8 am and last bus departs at 6pm. The average travel time is little over 2 hours.
  • Roong Reuang Coach – tickets @ Bt 130 from their counter on level 1 Gate 8

We personally found online booking condition grossly in favor of coach operator so we decide to buy tickets from their counter on level 1, Gate 7. According to Bell Travel’s official website it is recommended to keep a gap of 90 minutes to complete immigration and custom’s formalities. One must report 15 minutes before scheduled departure else lose booking amount.

In the event of flight delay they may book you in next bus for an extra fee of Bhat 30/person. One check in luggage under 20 kgs is free (They do check weight at the time of boarding) and one small handbag inside the bus is allowed. There is an extra charge for baby stroller (Bhat 100), golf bag (Bhat 200) and surfboard (Bhat 300)

Suvarnabhumi Airport To Pattaya Transfer By Public Bus

It is possible to go to Pattaya using a public bus. The first step would be to get a complimentary shuttle bus to airport transport center. Here one can find bus going to Mo Chit bus terminal. There are regular bus service from Mo Chit to Pattaya approximately every thirty minutes between 05:20 and 23:20 each day and cost Bhat 117. Non air-conditioned bus tickets are priced Bhat 20 less.

Once your bus reaches Pattaya city it makes few stops along Sukhumvit road. Mostly people get off at Dolphin circle near central Pattaya beach road. It is possible to get Grab taxi or Tuk-tuk to your hotel after crossing to the other side of the highway for Bhat 200.

Don Muang (DMK) Airport To Pattaya

Taxi is available at all times but it will cost about Bt 1500 which is not the cheapest option for a backpacker. However, it is possible to go to Pattaya using public bus.

This will be two step process. The first part of journey would be from Don Muang airport to Mochit bus station. Shuttle bus A1 goes from airport arrival area to Mochit bus station. Take this ride for Bt 30 and get off at the last station. Alternate is to take taxi to Mo chit for about Bt 150. Once at the bus station (NOT Mo Chit BTS station).

Remember to get off at Mo Chit Bus station NOT Mo Chit BTS station which comes earlier.

Pro Tips From Touristvlogs

The second step would be buying ticket for Pattaya (Bhat 120) and journey would take 2 to 3 hours.

Bangkok To Pattaya By Train

Although a bit unconventional or even slow but there train running between Bangkok to Pattaya. The good news is it is cheap costing merely Bt 37 for 3rd class and Bt 71 for the 2nd class journey. It is slow (takes 4 hours) and carriages are utilitarian fan cooled which are not suitable for travel during summer months. The view from window is nothing compared to similar train travel in other countries such as train travel between Colombo to Ella which is booked months in advance.

Train NoBangkok Departure Pattaya ArrivalSpeed
Train fare between Bangkok & Pattaya
Train fare between Bangkok & Pattaya
Bangkok to Pattaya Train Route
Train 997/998 Route

There is a news about air conditioned train service being offered from 17th March 2018 for a provisional period of six months during weekends. We have never used train for transfer between Bangkok to Pattaya hence our readers are invited to share their experience using comment box below.

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