Kandy road to HikkaduwaLooking for a easy way to transfer from Kandy to Hikkaduwa? You are not alone.  Kandy is getaway to Sri Lanka’s highlands and mountains while Hikkaduwa is famous for beaches and surfing.  As a tourist we want to cover both in quick and easy way while not burning a hole in our pockets. Right?Kandy city view

By Flight From Kandy To Koggala

Cinnamon Air has regular scheduled flight to from Kandy (KDZ) to Koggala (KCT).  Koggala is 50 kilo-meters away from Hikkaduwa and journey can be done in private car under one hour via Expressway E01.  This is water plane /air taxi service and it is better to check with airline.  The flight itself costs $175, adding another $75 for transfers makes it out of reach for most travellers.  I would not recommend this option.

Kandy To Hikkaduwa By Train

kandy train
Inside Train

It took me long time to find a direct train from Kandy to Hikkaduwa.  Most of the trains required a change at Colombo Fort station. This could work if one plans to spend sometimes in Colombo exploring the capital city of Sri Lanka

However, there is only one connected (direct) train that from Kandy.  The bad news is that it starts everyday at morning 5 am which means one needs to leave hotel by 4:30 am.  It is not possible to get tuk-tuk at this hour so it is better to arrange for transport in advance.  

The train originates as train number 1040 from Kandy and same train again starts from Maradana station (near Colombo Fort) as train number 8040.  There is no need to change train. The train stops at Hikkaduwa at 10:30 am before ending at Matara.  There are 2nd and third class seats available.  The train travels during peak office hours so it is better to reserve seat at Kandy station in advance.  The fare, at the time of writing, is LKR 380 for 2nd class and 245 for 3rd class seats.  This train goes back to Kandy and arrives around 2130.

Taxi/Private Car to Hikkaduwa

We found out about direct (connected) train from Kandy to Hikkaduwa very late and could not get reservation.  Hence, with two heavy luggage to carry, we decided to find alternate means of transport.  Gone are the days when a traveller was at mercy of local touts when it comes to booking a taxi.

One can always check prices at PickMe, Sri Lanka’s answer to Uber.  The PickMe app is fairly simple to use.  Just download from Apple apps store or Google play store, connect your phone & bank card (optional) and your are good to go.

Kandy To Hikka Pickme

For Kandy to Hikkaduwa we got approximate fare of LKR 9000 and Uber returned a price of LKR 17600 (US$100) so we chose PickMe.  Uber also charges for return journey to Colombo.  We selected PickMe.  It took us approximately 5 hours to reach.  The actual fare was LKR 10350. We paid extra highway toll of LKR 450, in addition.

Bus Journey From Kandy To Hikkaduwa

There is an air conditioned bus service between Kandy and Kadawatha which is near Colombo.  One can get next bus from Kadawatha to Hikkaduwa.   The route to Kadawatha allows one to avoid Pettah (Main bus station in Colombo).  Here one can change to a bus going south.  All buses going south to Matare will make a stop near Hikkaduwa or Galle. Buses run from 5.00am every 30 minutes daily. The last bus leaves Colombo at 8.00pm.  Tickets (LKR 490) can be bought from the conductor on the bus, so no need to purchase in advance.

The Best Way To Hikkaduwa From Kandy

Overall, taxi is comfortable ($55 one way) if not the cheapest way to travel.  While train delivers best value compared to price, buses can also be considered if traveling light.Hikka beach

Have you found a better way to travel from Kandy to Hikkaduwa? Please share views via comment below or twitter

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