Public Transport Between Pattaya Bus Terminal And Hotels In Beach Road

There are not many public transport options between Pattaya Bus Terminal to Hotels in city located near the beach road.  Roong Reuang Coach has excellent bus service between Bangkok airport and Pattaya but their drop off points on Sukhumvit highway is devoid of public transport options.

Even at the main bus station, there is no direct bus or songthaew service to central Pattaya.  All of the sudden you find yourself at the mercy of scammers or taxi mafia that charges Bhat 200 per trip to your hotel which is less than 5 kilometers (3 miles away).  The first time, I booked a Grab and paid Bhat 200 for air conditioned taxi.  This is unacceptable considering I paid paltry sum of Bhat 130 for 2 hours bus ride from Bangkok airport.

Transfer Options Between Pattaya Bus Terminal And Hotels

As mentioned earlier there are few options and each has its own disadvantage. Unfortunately, I could not find an helpful information on Tripadvisor or similar tourist forums.

Book Shared Transfer From Bell Travels

Bell Travel Services does provide online booking for travel between Airport and major hotels in Pattaya for a price of Bhat 280. The first part of journey between Airport and bus terminal in Pattaya is done in coach similar to Roong Reuang Bus service (Bhat 130) which means they charge Bhat 150 for transfer between bus terminal and hotels. This may be suitable for solo traveler but fexpensive or a couple or group travelling together.

Grab Taxi From Pattaya Bus Station To Hotel

It is possible to book taxi to your hotel from any bus drop off point in Pattaya using popular app – Grab. The price would be Bhat 200. In my experience, local taxi would be willing to go for same price.

A moto taxi can take you to hotel for half the price.

Cheapest Option For 10 Bhat

Third but cheapest option cost just Bhat 10 but it involves a bit of walking (20 minutes).  This can be a viable option only if you have a small backpack or roller bag and you are willing to walk little over a mile.

Cheap Transfer From Pattaya Bus Terminal To Hotel
Pattaya Bus Terminal To Hotel

Once you reach bus terminal, just get out and cross the street towards Makro supermarket then take road leading towards Dolphin circle / Terminal 21 shopping mall.  At Dolphin circle one can find rows of songthaew waiting for passengers going towards walking street. One can stop anywhere by pressing bell.  They may charge extra if you carry a big suitcase.

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