Sri Lanka Visa On Arrival
Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

For a tourist friendly country like Sri Lanka getting visa is very simple and entire process of getting Sri Lanka visa is online.  All you need is few information mentioned in your passport, travel plan and a credit card.  The multilingual online form filling needs less than 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sri Lanka Visa Online

Please read these FAQ before applying for Sri Lanka ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or visa.

Do I Need A Visa to Enter Sri Lanka?
99% chances are yes, you need a visa to enter Sri Lanka.  In fact, any person except citizens of the Republics of Singapore, Maldives, and The Seychelles are required to obtain a ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or visa on arrival.  However, the process of getting visa online or on arrival is very easy specially if you are USA, UK, Canada, Australia, EU or SAARC national.  It is five dollar cheaper if you apply online.

How Long Does It Take to Get Visa
The Sri Lankan government’s official website recommends that you wait for 24 hours before checking status of your application online.  However, you may get a faster approval, sometimes within couple of hours. I got mine in 90 minutes.  You can use this visa within six months from the date of approval of ETA.

Here is a sample of Sri Lanka Visa Online

Sri Lanka Visa ETA
Sample of Sri Lanka Tourist Visa
How Much Is Visa Fee?
Most visitors will get 30 days double entry visa on payment of US$ 35 for online visa or US$40 for visa on arrival.  It is cheaper for SAARC nationals (citizens of neighboring countries) who will will get 30 days double entry visa on payment of US$ 20 for online visa or US$25 for visa on arrival. Children under 12 can travel under same ETA without paying any additional fee.

You can extend visa twice for a maximum 90 days each instance of while in Sri Lanka. An application for an extension should be submitted to the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration (head office) by visiting the Department or through an Authorized Agent.

What Do I Need Before Applying For Visa Online?
You need to have:

  1. A valid passport or travel document
  2. A valid credit or debit card (Visa, MC or Amex) to pay for visa fee
  3. Access to computer with internet for 15 minutes
  4. A valid email ID to receive ETA/visa
  5. Address in Sri Lanka (probably hotel/Airbnb where you are staying)
  6. Confirmed return air ticket
How To Receive ETA/Visa
ETA will be sent to email that you have provided at the time of application.  Normally, Sri Lankan government will approve your application for ETA or visa within 24 hours.  You can check progress here.

How To Get Sri Lanka Visa On Arrival

If you failed to apply for Sri Lanka visa online or made some mistake in visa application, you can still get visa on arrival at Colombo airport.  Sri Lanka has very liberal visa policy.  Citizens of almost all countries except 21 (mostly african) countries can get visa on arrival.

Sri Lanka Visa On Arrival Country Map
Citizen’s Of Countries In Yellow Can Get Visa On Arrival

All that is needed is passport, photographs, boarding card, US$ 25/40 depending on your nationality, proof of fund ($500 is sufficient) along with return tickets.  Apply at designated visa on arrival counter and your passport will be returned to you with a visa sticker.  The entire process takes less than 30 minutes.

Sri Lanka Visa Sticker

However citizens of few countries must get visa in advance by applying at nearest Sri Lankan diplomatic mission.  Here is the list of countries.

Sri Lanka Visa For Africans

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