Baga Beach at Sunset

Baga beach is voted among top five places in Goa to enjoy a beautiful Sunset.  Sunset at Baga beach with a picture perfect view against the backdrop of palm trees makes it a favorite among instagram lovers.

About Baga Beach

Baga beach in North Goa is a favorite tourist spot for both locals and visitors alike. You can see hoards of tourists, domestic and international enjoying sun and sand. The beach has life guards and water sports facilities. Temporary beach shacks opened in tourist season offers beer, cocktails and finger food served to your beach sun bench or chairs.

Sunset Time At Baga Beach

During winters the Sunset is usually around 6 pm.  It is better to check local weather to know about accurate time.  The winter months of December to February is generally rain free in Goa so one can expect clear sky.

Tips For Taking Sunset Pictures

  1. Come Early: Baga beach is always crowded so it is recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before sunset to scout the best spot for taking pictures or video.
  2. Safety First: Although Goa is generally safe but it is better to take care of your backpack, phone and other valuable and secure them.
  3. Time Lapse: Try shooting timelapse video on camera or even on a smartphone.
  4. Tripod: Whenever possible, use a tripod or secure your camera in a fixed position.
  5. Stay Late: The best sunset pictures are usually just after sunset when sun rays filter through clouds to present a beautiful view.  So stay a little longer for better pictures.

Tito’s lane in Baga is famous for its bars and nightlife.  Tourists come here to enjoy an early dinner followed by visit to famous nightclubs in the area. Cape Town cafe and infamous Tito’s are popular with tourists and locals alike or one can visit Britto’s and Zanzibar without leaving the comfort of Baga beach.

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